Drip Studio

Came through drippin'


Making a space for fresh talent

Tyler approached me with a new space that was nameless, empty, and full of potential. He wanted to fill a gap in the Toronto photography scene and offer up a studio space that was within reach for up-and-comers and creative self-initiated shoots, but without compromising on the quality of the equipment and facilities.

Drip Studio officially opened its doors on May 31, 2018 — still empty and full of potential, exactly as a good studio should be.


Our goals

  • Find a name that strikes a balance between timelessness, freshness, and intrigue

  • Lead with a monochromatic, minimalist look

  • Allow plenty of room for growth, with many potential properties to be added to the brand's umbrella in the future






Tyler and I examined our favourite studios and their brands to figure out where we wanted our brand to sit on both a local and global scale.

We spent a good amount of time defining what success would look like and the qualities that the right name and brand would embody; without a strong framework, naming a new company can feel a lot like throwing darts at a board while blindfolded.


With our parameters set, we began our search for a name — first with a simple brainstorm, then with a deep dive on a thesaurus to really explore and exhaust all of our options.


We settled on Drip because it ticked all of the boxes — a single, short, one syllable word; hard consonants; not too kitschy or fussy; and with no direct photography link to help keep the brand flexible for the future.

With a name that was a simple, common noun with a strong visual element, I sent out to create a wordmark that was clever, but not cute.

We plotted our candidates on a continuum to make it easier to visualize our options and how we were feeling about them.

We plotted our candidates on a continuum to make it easier to visualize our options and how we were feeling about them.

Some of the early digital iterations of the logo.


Isabelle did a brilliant job bringing my brand to life, and elevating its identity far beyond my expectations.

Everything she created for me has been unanimously well received, and helped launch my business to new heights.

- Tyler Bowditch

The team

Isabelle Santiago: Creative direction, Branding, Logo design, Naming

Tyler Bowditch: Owner, Photography

C.J. Graphics: Printing (Business cards)