Just For Cats

An award-winning logo for
a purr-tinent cause.


A Paw-sitively delightful project.

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) was launching a new fundraising initiative called the Just For Cats Film Festival — an hour-long compilation of cute cat videos from all over the Internet, played on the big screen.

When we found out they needed a brand, logo, and marketing strategy, we jumped at the op-purr-tunity.


Our goals

  • Com-mew-nicate a sense of fun and playfulness
  • Create collectible merchandise to be sold at events to raise funds for the CFHS and Toronto Humane Society



With so many feline enthusiasts on the team this was hardly necessary, but nevertheless we looked up some popular cat memes and videos, and looked into other film fest collateral for context.

Exploration & Execution

We knew that the logo had to be fun, playful, and an instant read, so we began by exploring ideas for visual puns. After playing around with ears, tails, and other elements, we settled on a distinctive cat nose with whiskers.

Oink & Coo took photos of film paraphernalia for us to use in purr-rint and digital marketing.

The outcome

The inaugural Just For Cats Film Festival was held in 2014 at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto and was a great success with lots of paw-sitive feedback. Deadmaus even showed up! The festival now travels to cities all over the country every year to raise funds for local shelters and spread awareness.

The logo design also won an Applied Arts Award! All in all, this project was an experience I'll remember fur-ever.

P.S. Thank you for putting up with my claw-ful puns.


Isabelle Santiago: Branding, Logo design, Merchandise design

Julie Stolberg: Branding, Copywriting

Oink & Coo: Photography


Isabelle is accountable, strategic, committed to design and constantly pushing herself, the brief and the team around her.

- Julie Stolberg