Lisa Burnfield Physio

Lisa Burnfield Physio

A clean, friendly website to help
patients feel at ease.


You know it's time for a redesign when your own name is spelled wrong on your website.

Lisa Burnfield, a gifted physiotherapist, was struggling with an outdated and typo-ridden website. Her clients had trouble figuring out how to book an appointment and had tons of unanswered questions, even though there were paragraphs of text on the website.

We set out to clean up and reorganize her website to make it easier for clients to use (with her name spelled properly throughout)!


Our goals

  • Emphasize human connection — one of Lisa's greatest strengths is her warmth!
  • Help clients understand what physiotherapy is and what to expect at an appointment
  • Gain insight into the mind of the client — what's on their mind when they're just about to book?



We informed our approach by conducting market research.

Our survey revealed barriers and stumbling blocks in the patient booking process, so we set out to smooth them out.


With our research findings in tow, we re-mapped the site to improve the flow of information. 

I conducted a content audit to take inventory of all messaging. I restructured and re-wrote the copy where needed, and we added in some key phrases for SEO.


Lisa had an existing logo that she was mostly happy with, so I used it as a base and cleaned up the typography and colours for a more harmonious result.

Colourful icons help to break up blocks of text and draw the eye to different points of interest, and beautiful photography by Malina Kaija adds warmth and friendliness.

A quick brand refresh with bright new colours and typography.

A quick brand refresh with bright new colours and typography.


Isabelle was able to take a concept/feeling and create something that is both user friendly and visually appealing.

- Lisa Burnfield


The team

Isabelle Santiago: Site design, Content, Brand refresh

Malina KaijaPhotography