Logo Design

Logo Design

Marie Goudy Trumpet

A playful logo for a rising star.

Marie Goudy needed a logo and brand to stand out in the crowded Toronto jazz scene.

I created a clean icon that combines her initials into a trumpet. A cool colour scheme and clean typography evoke a jazzy feeling.


Francis Nitsch

A polished look for a coach with heart.

In an online landscape filled with "5 easy rules" and "one weird trick"-s, Francis Nitsch wanted to make sure his approach was different.

We wanted the brand to be the antidote to both ends of the stereotypical fitness spectrum, carving out space between loudmouthed muscleheads and perfectly curated Instagram fitness models.



A lively look for lead generation.

We knew that the logo for Catalyst was going to be a challenge, with a market oversaturated with chat applications.

We decided to keep it simple with an unexpected colour combo and chat bubble symbols that hint at the application's use.