The Poutition

The task

Wendy's Canada wanted to make a splash when they started offering poutine at their restaurants, but recognized that they were one of many QSRs adding the classic Canadian dish to their menu.

The solution

To make the most of the momentum and create awareness of Wendy's in the saturated space, we created a "Poutition" on Facebook and asked Canadians to help make Poutine the national dish.

The outcome

The campaign was one of the most successful initiatives at Wendy's restaurants worldwide in 2012, and won the Canadian team the International Diamond Award.


Silver Promo Award • Silver W3 Award • Gold Communicator Award • Webby Honoree • Silver Shopper Innovation Award • Bronze CMA • Wendy's International Diamond Award

My role

Concept development
Production design

The team

Wendy's Canada


Aaron Woolfson

Creative direction
Dave Stubbs, Duncan Porter, Marc Melanson

Hatch Studios