Tina Davies Brand

Crafting a brand with balance.


Tina Davies is a force in the world of microblading, a semi-permanent tattoo procedure that creates natural hair-like strokes to fill out and reshape eyebrows.

Her success story starts at her kitchen table. Frustrated with a lack of safe, high-quality tools, she set out to design, produce, and manufacture her own line of microblades and accessories.

In a few short years, Tina's homegrown brand became trusted and respected worldwide. As an industry leader, she and her small but mighty team found that they had outgrown the first iteration of their brand and logo.

We set out to create a brand identity that showed off her skill as an artist and channeled her contagious passion into visual form.


Our goals

  • Emphasize the artistry involved in microblading. Organic textures and soft imagery help to cater to the beauty industry.

  • Temper that artistry with elements of cleanliness and precision — microblading demands a high degree of sterility and safety.

  • Appeal to our target market of women aged 25-44.

The finished logo.

The finished logo.




We started with a competitive review. Not many other brands matched the quality or level of professionalism that we wanted, so we made sure to seize our chance to lead the way.

We looked to adjacent industries such as makeup, skincare, and fashion for further inspiration.


We collaborated with a few sets of moodboards to establish a shared visual language. Once we were on the same page, I got to work with logo sketches to explore some early ideas.

We picked our favourites and explored different typefaces, colour schemes, and motifs.


Once we landed on a concept, we selected a clean Didone serif font for an air of grace and precision. Tina supplied custom brush strokes, which I digitized to create the dots of the lowercase Is.

A muted, feminine colour palette and brushstroke motif round out the brand.

TD colours.jpg
TD texture.jpg
TD typefaces.jpg

A library of Instagram templates to help make posting new content a breeze.



"It is a pleasure to work with Isabelle and I hope I'm fortunate enough to tackle another project with her."

- Luke Davies, Co-Founder


The team

Isabelle Santiago: Creative direction, Branding, Logo design

Tina Davies and Luke Davies: Co-Founders

Matthew Gagnier: VP of Marketing and Ecommerce

Brianna Marcello: Social Media Manager

Fun fact

Like with traditional tattooing, microblading deposits pigment into the dermis, the second layer of the skin.

Want to see more?

After this phase, we moved on to redesign the product packaging.
Read all about it here: