Tina Davies Packaging

The right box for the right tool for the job.


Creating packaging worthy of a #shelfie.

Tina Davies is a force in the world of microblading, a semi-permanent tattoo procedure that creates natural hair-like strokes to fill out and reshape eyebrows.

Her success story starts at her kitchen table. Frustrated with a lack of safe, high-quality tools, she set out to design, produce, and manufacture her own line of microblades and accessories.

After we gave the brand a comprehensive update, we moved on to extend the new look to the microblade packaging. The blades are the result of years of experience and dozens of prototypes, so we wanted to give them a worthy home.


Our goals

  • Build on the look of the existing boxes — we didn't want to pull a total 180° but did want to give the box a meaningful facelift.

  • Emphasize the differences between SKUs — there are four different types of blades and a sampler pack, but you couldn't distinguish them at a glance with the old boxes.

  • Make them Instagram-worthy — the brand has a big following on social media, so we wanted the boxes to be distinctive, and legible from a distance to encourage shares.





Each of the four microblade designs has a distinct and precise configuration of needles, so we decided to represent them proudly on the front of the box.

This makes it much easier to distinguish the contents of each box at a distance, and celebrates the precise design that went into each SKU.


We had the printer hit select areas with gold foil for a premium look and extra dimension. Spot gloss on the illustrations catches even more light, and contrasts well with an all-over soft touch coating for a fun tactile experience.



"It is a pleasure to work with Isabelle and I hope I'm fortunate enough to tackle another project with her."

- Luke Davies, Co-Founder


The team

Isabelle Santiago: Creative direction, Package design

Tina Davies: Co-Founder


Tyler Bowditch: Product photography

Franny Alder: Styling and props

Fun fact

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing, which could date all the way back to ancient Egypt — there is evidence that suggests that Cleopatra had cosmetic tattooing done!

Want to see more?

Read about the logo design and rebrand process here: