Water Wise Coffee

Connecting consumers to their coffee

The problem

The Water Wise Coffee Project is a non-profit initiative that aims to improve the lives of people in coffee-growing communities around the world. But after its initial launch in 2012, the project lost momentum and lacked visibility and brand awareness.

The solution

To re-invigorate the brand, we filmed a documentary about coffee production, refreshed the outdated brand materials, and created an interactive site. 

We targeted influencers in celebrity and coffee communities and were able to gain the attention of the Marley family and the estates of Bob Marley and Bruce Lee.

The outcome

Through the brand relaunch, we were able to raise over $20,000 USD to go towards a coffee mill in Ethiopia.

My role

Creative direction
Concept development
Art direction
Web design
Content editing

The team

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee


Design & social media management
Rosie Sobczuk

Sean Wainsteim

Victor Biro